It was when he was a medical student at the medical faculty of Sfax, then during an internship at the urology department of Habib Bourguiba Hospital, that Wassim Chaabane took an interest in Urology.

Doctor of medicine since 2007 and registered since this year on the roll of the order of physicians under number 16854.


He began his training in urological surgery with great Tunisian masters first in Tunis within the team of Prof. Ayed then in Sfax with the team of Prof. Mhiri.

Aware that urological surgery is modernizing in the world, he left in 2007 for France.

It was with Prof. Rischmann at the Toulouse University Hospital that he performed his first laparoscopic prostatectomies and nephrectomies. Well integrated into the Toulouse team, he was offered a position as an attached practitioner, which gave Dr. chaabane access to high-level laparoscopic and endoscopic training.

During this same period, he invested in medical research in collaboration with INSERM Toulouse, where he developed with Pr Tack's team, a new animal model in mice (more than 600 mice operated ). Works published in 2011 in the prestigious journal: American Journal of Physiology.


His stint for one year (2011-2012) at the Paoli Calmettes institute for the fight against cancer in Marseille with Dr. Walz (European training center in robotic surgery) was for him a great contribution, particularly in terms of oncological urology.


After this French professional and scientific career, he decided to return to Tunisia at the end of 2012 as a university hospital assistant at the University Hospital of Sfax. He taught at the medical school and participated in the development of laparoscopy in the department.


He left the public hospital in 2014 to settle in one of the largest medical centers in the capital, the northern urban center of Tunis, containing three of the most modern health structures in Tunisia.


Dr Chaabane is Fellow European Board of Urology since 2011 (FEBU).


He also obtained other diplomas:


Diploma in laparoscopic surgery and surgical anatomy.

(Pr. Pirro, Marseille)


Diploma in Neuro-Urology and Pelvi-Perineology.

(Pr. Amarenco, Paris)